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Since 2009, Ecare Bangladesh has been on track to achieve the satisfaction of about 2k+ customers. We want to move forward on the smooth path with the customer's trust.

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It is difficult to find true humanity in robotic times. We are with you to know your problems in detail and to plan accordingly.

Our journey begins usually to solve problems. We noticed that very few companies offer the opportunity to work properly in the IT sector as well as after selling support. Then we made our company bigger by gaining the satisfaction of some local customers. 

Then we gradually achieved customer satisfaction worldwide. Basically, we achieve our goals by prioritizing service quality and customer feedback. We would like to join you in the future and bring our best services to you.


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Mostafizur Rahman
Founder & CEO
Ashafunnahar Pakhi
Chief Executive Officer
Josim Uddin
Md. Ahsan Habib Forayeji
Developer JR
O U R    V I S I O N

Today the world is growing at a massive rate with the dignity of modern technology and the internet. Ecare Bangladesh is trying to leave footsteps on the way.

Some Clients - for whom we are Proud

This is a reflection of our last few works and in addition to these works, we have a lot of work to be proud of.


Some remarkable up and down history of Ecare Bangladesh.


August, 2009

Start the journey in an unpretentious way, as well as dream to walk the path together.

December, 2009

We all continue our efforts to arrange everything as well as create our own space in a small range


February, 2014

We have been able to reach our service to 100 people on this day. Truly it was a moment of joy!

June, 2014

After happiness, sorrow comes and fills this day. We lost one of our family on this day.


January, 2020

At the beginning of the year, we were able to increase our success through government work.

March, 2020

In the pandemic situation, we started managing our activities successfully from home. From then on our home office is running and will continue ...